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We Went Back is a time-looping horror game in which you wake up in an abandoned space station utterly alone. The exit door is locked and you must find a way to escape what lurks within. Find clues, experience dynamically changing environments, and confront terror in order to find a way out.

My Responsibilities

  • ScrumMaster for a team of 15 using JIRA to track sprints and velocity

  • Work with designers to prioritize project backlog

  • Coordinate with off-site audio producer to maintain audio pipeline

  • Regularly provide updates and presentations to EP’s

  • Maintain community Discord for fans of We Went Back and Sono

What Went Well

  • Throughout development, I was able to maintain a foundation of agile processes as the team's sole producer. During times when I would be stretched thin by other responsibilities, those processes supported development.

  • When the going got tough, I was able to remain neutral and consistent as an emotional barometer for the team. I processed negativity and remained goal-focused so as not to bring down the other team members. 

  • While it wasn't perfect, establishing a team charter that covered norms for how we would work together was invaluable while resolving interpersonal conflicts.

What I Learned

  • Communication is constant and core. Generally, we communicated well in and outside of core hours but facilitating communication between disciplines on the team can always improve. Even when the team is working in stride, it's a constant goal to evaluate and improve the health of the team.

  • Conflict of interest can be difficult to juggle. During the course of development, I was lucky to work with close friends. Maintaining a professional boundary meant being an ear for frustrations but making it clear when I was acting as producer, not as a friend. 

  • Hierarchy is more than a job title. Our team was greatly affected by our lack of defined structure. It may have ruffled feathers to elevate certain members into roles with more leadership responsibility, but the cost to accountability and decision-making resulted in wasted time and effort.

  • There are some problems you shouldn't (or can't) fix. Acting as a middle man instead of a mediator likely dragged out problems between team members. By the end of development, it was far more productive to mediate conversations rather than act as a messenger. 

Achievements and Awards


  • 2.5 million+ views on Youtube

  • Streamed to 50k+ viewers on Twitch

  • Gameplay Peaked #6 on Youtube's Gaming Trending


  • Over 197,000 downloads on Steam


  • IGDA SLC: Artistic Achievement

  • IGDA SLC: Pushing Boundaries

  • IGDA SLC: Game of the Year

  • 2nd Place: Intel Student Games Showcase Best Visuals

  • The Rookies Game of The Year: Honorable Mention 

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