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Inspired by Hyper Light Drifter, Lost Borderline is a retro pixel-art, hack & slash puzzle-crawler where the boundaries of reality are broken, giving you creative control over the sides of the screen to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.

My Responsibilities

  • Managed art pipeline with team of six artists

  • Tracked team velocity with Agile tools

  • Documented project iteration

  • Coordinated company creation and PC publishing

  • Maintained social media outreach and developed marketing and press strategies

  • Managed presentations and key interactions with stakeholders

What Went Well

  • While pipeline processes were not consistent across all development teams, the Art team maintained the highest velocity and were able to iterate quickly and effectively using Agile methodologies. 

  • This project was my first full development cycle from concept to publish and the team was able to focus in on core design pillars to produce a game in only 9 months.

What I Learned

  • Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose. This was a new experience for myself and my peers. As a capstone project we were placed together on teams with limited choice and with it came a lot of uncertainty. When I joined the team I didn't feel comfortable "stepping on toes" as soon as I joined, but I wish I had been more firm when implementing project management software and processes for the team.

  • Passion is paramount. Since this was an undergraduate capstone project, many team members were finishing a degree/program that they were not necessarily interested in anymore. Many of our engineers were looking to software development as a priority and I felt the lack of interest in games held through to their engagement on the project. 

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