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Sono is a 2D exploration game where players effortlessly glide through an abstract microcosm collecting lost fragments of sound.

Sono was created as a project submission for Alt. Ctrl. GDC and was developed to be controlled with a MIDI turntable. 

My Responsibilities

  • Created and maintained sprint backlogs for rapid team of 11 using project management software

  • Tracked team velocity with Agile methodologies

  • Conducted 1:1 Interviews to assess team health

  • Documented team values and iterative process

  • Promoted company values through social media to grow an audience

What Went Well

  • Our team was able to iterate quickly and our core value to "show rather than tell" paid off dividends to keep each team member aware of the project's status

  • Holding 1:1's with the team provided valuable feedback and insight on team health. It was encouraging to hear what aspects were going smoothly so that I could focus on mending areas that were lacking.

  • The team charter for this project was strong, and was adhered to by the members. With buy-in for very basic tenets of how the team should function, we had a strong foundation that eliminated drama and conflict. 

What I Learned

  • Abstract concepts need concrete design. The concept for this project was not well defined and was abstract to begin with. With such limited time for development we needed to have strong vision holding and a more structured design pipeline to avoid design by committee. 

  • Time is of the essence. This was a new experience for many on the team and we ran into issues with personal time management. To avoid this we needed to maintain a more structured meeting schedule and enforce core hours more strictly. 

  • Process is worth the investment. Our team suffered from weak pipeline practices with no clear handoffs for asset creation. In the future, using a more robust system like Jira to handle the sprint organization, as well as outlining responsibilities for each role on the team can save a lot of wasted effort.

Achievements and Awards


  • Fan Nail Art Tribute


  • 30,000+ downloads on Steam

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